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Putting Text Together with CONCATENATE
Here’s how to use LEN:
1. Position the cursor in the cell where you want the results to appear.
2. Enter =LEN( to begin the function.
3. Perform one of these steps:
•Enter the cell’s address
4. Type a ), and press Enter.
Putting Text Together
The CONCATENATE function pulls multiple strings together into one larger
string. A good use of this is when you have a column of first names and a
column of last names and need to put the two together to use as full names.
CONCATENATE takes up to 255 arguments. Each argument is a string or a cell
reference, and the arguments are separated by commas. The function does
not insert anything, such as a space, between the strings. If you need to
separate the substrings, as you would with the first name and last name example,
you must explicitly insert the separator. Figure 16-3 makes this clear. You can
see that the second argument to the CONCATENATE function is a space.
Figure 16-3:
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