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Figure 1-7:
Looking at
what goes
into a
In Figure 1-7, the active cell is C7. You have a couple of ways to see this. For
starters, cell C7 has a border around it. Also notice that the column head
C is shaded, as well as row number 7. Just above the column headers are
the Name Box and the Formula Box. The Name Box is all the way to the left
and shows the active cell’s address of C7. To the right of the Name Box, the
Formula Box shows the contents of cell C7.
If the Formula Bar is not visible, choose File, Options and the Advanced tab.
Then in the Display section in the Excel Options dialog box, choose to make
it visible.
A range is usually a group of adjacent cells, although noncontiguous cells can
be included in the same range (but that’s mostly for rocket scientists and
those obsessed with calculus). For your purposes, assume a range is a group
of continuous cells. Make a range right now! Here’s how:
1. Position the mouse pointer over the first cell where you wish to define
a range.
2. Press and hold the left mouse button down.
3. Move the pointer to the last cell of your desired area.
4. Release the mouse button.
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