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Changing Text
The DOLLAR function is named DOLLAR in countries that use dollars, such as
the United States and Canada. In versions of Excel designed for countries that
use a different currency, the name of the function should match the name of
the currency.
Turning numbers into text
The TEXT function is a bit like the DOLLAR function in that it converts a
number value to text data, but it gives you more result formatting options.
TEXT can format numbers as currency, like DOLLAR, but is not limited to this.
The first TEXT argument is a number or reference to a cell that contains a
number. The second argument is a formatting pattern that tells the
function how to format the number. You can see some formatting patterns in the
Custom category, on the Number tab, in the Format Cells dialog box (shown
in Figure 16-5).
Figure 16-5:
options in
the Format
dialog box.
Excel lets you create custom formatting patterns so you can present your
data just the way you need to. For example, you can specify whether
numbers use a thousands separator, whether decimal values are always
displayed to the third decimal point, and so on.
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