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Changing Text
Typically, you would enter a character (such as a period or an asterisk),
but any text will work.
4. Enter a comma ( ,).
6. Type a ), and press Enter.
Figure 16-7:
text with
the REPT
Swapping text
Two functions — REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE — replace a portion of a string
with other text. The functions are nearly identical in concept but are used in
different situations.
Both REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE replace text within other text. Use REPLACE
when you know the position of the text you want to replace. Use SUBSTITUTE
when you don’t know the position of the text you want to replace.
REPLACE takes four arguments:
The target string as a cell reference
The character position in the target string at which to start replacing
The number of characters to replace
The string to replace with (does not have to be the same length as the
text being replaced)
For example, if cell A1 contains the string Our Chicago office has
closed., then the formula =REPLACE(A1,5,7,”Dallas”) returns the
string Our Dallas office has closed.
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