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Getting to know the Formula Bar
Taken together, the Formula Box and the Name
Box make up the Formula Bar. You use the
Formula Bar quite a bit as you work with
formulas and functions. The Formula Box is used
to enter and edit formulas. The Formula Box is
the long entry box that starts in the middle of
the bar. When you enter a formula into this box,
you then can click the little check-mark button
to finish the entry. The check-mark button is
only visible when you are entering a formula.
Pressing the Enter key also completes your
entry; clicking the X cancels the entry.
An alternative is to enter a formula directly into
a cell. The Formula Box displays the formula
as it is being entered into the cell. When you
want to see just the contents of a cell that has
a formula, make that cell active and look at its
contents in the Formula Box. Cells that have
formulas do not normally display the formula,
but instead display the result of the formula.
When you want to see the actual formula, the
Formula Box is the place to do it. The Name
Box, on the left side of the Formula Bar, is used
to select named areas in the workbook. This is
addressed further in the material.
Figure 1-8 shows what happened when I did this. I selected a range of cells.
The address of this range is A3:D21.
A range address looks like two cell addresses put together, with a colon (:) in
the middle. And that’s what it is! A range address starts with the address of
the cell in the upper left of the range, then has a colon, and then ends with the
address of the cell in the lower right.
Figure 1-8:
Selecting a
of cells.
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