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Comparing, Finding, and Measuring Text
Figure 16-10:
strings with
What if you want to compare strings without regard to case? In other words,
APPLE and apple would be considered the same. Excel does not have a
function for this, but the result is easily obtained with EXACT and UPPER. The idea
is to convert both strings to uppercase and compare the results:
You could just as well use LOWER here.
Finding and searching
Two functions, FIND and SEARCH, work in a quite similar fashion. A couple
of differences are key to figuring out which to use. Both FIND and SEARCH
find one string inside a larger string and tell you the position at which it was
found (or produce #VALUE if it is not found). The differences follow:
Case sensitive. It will not, for example,
find At inside heat.
Not case sensitive.
You cannot use the wild cards * and ?.
You can use the wild cards
* and ?.
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