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Being Productive with DPRODUCT
By testing to see whether DGET returns an error, you can discover problems
with your data. Perhaps you suspect that a student has registered twice for
a specific class. If this is true, two records will have the same Student ID
and Class.
Figure 17-13 shows how to check if student NR5090 is entered more than
once for Calculus 101. If there is more than one record, DGET returns an
error. Cell F5 contains a formula that nests the DGET function inside the
ISERROR function; all that is inside the IF function. If DGET returns an error,
return one message; if DGET does not return an error, return a different
message. Here is the formula:
=IF(ISERROR(DGET(Students,”Student ID”,F2:G3)),F3 & “ has
duplicate records”, F3 & “ has one record”)
Figure 17-13:
Using DGET
to test for
records in a
Being Productive with DPRODUCT
DPRODUCT multiplies values that match the criterion in a database. This is
powerful but also able to produce results that are not the intention. In other
words, it’s one to thing to add and derive a sum. That is a common operation
on a set of data. Looking back at Figure 17-8, you can see that the total sales
for Jack Bennet, $79,123, is the sum of three amounts: $43,234, $12,450, and
$23,450. If multiplication was applied to the three amounts, the answer (the
product) would be $12,622,274,385,000. Oops! That’s over 12 trillion dollars!
DPRODUCT multiplies and, therefore, is not likely to be used as often as
a function like DSUM, but when you need to multiply items in a database,
DPRODUCT is a tool of choice.
Figure 17-14 shows a situation in which DPRODUCT is productive. The
database area contains shirts. For each shirt size, there are two rows — the price
per shirt and the number of shirts that are packed in a carton. The cost for
a carton of shirts is, therefore, the product of the price per shirt times the
number of shirts. There are four shirts sizes, each with its own price and
carton count.
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