Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Working with Excel Fundamentals
That’s it. Hey, you’re already on your way to being an Excel pro! Now that
you have a named area, you can easily select your data at any time. Just go to
the Name Box and select it from the list. Figure 1-10 shows how to select the
Clients area.
Figure 1-10:
Using the
Name Box
to find the
named area.
Tables work in much the same manner as named areas. Tables have a few
features that are unavailable to simple named areas. With tables you can
indicate that the top row contains header labels. Further, tables default to have
filtering ability. Figure 1-11 shows a table on a worksheet, with headings
and filtering ability.
Figure 1-11:
a table.
With filtering, you can limit which rows show, based on which values you
select to display.
The Insert Ribbon contains the button to use for inserting a table.
Formatting your data
Of course you want to make your data look all spiffy and shiny. Bosses like
that. Is the number 98.6 someone’s temperature? Is it a score on a test? Is it
98 dollars and 60 cents? Is it a percentage? Any of these formats is correct:
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