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Use Data Validation
Conditions are set as rules. The Rule Types are:
Formal all cells based on their values
Format only cells that contain…
Format only top or bottom ranked values
Format only values that are above or below average
Format only unique or duplicate values
Use a formula to determine which cells to format
When the condition is true, formatting can control the following:
Font settings: Style, color, bold, italic, and so on
Fill: A cell’s background color or pattern
Cells can also be formatted with color schemes or icon images placed in
the cell.
Use Data Validation
On the Data tab, in the Data Tools section, is Data Validation. Data Validation
lets you apply a rule to a cell (or cells) such that entry must adhere to the
rule. For example, a cell can be set to accept only an integer entry between
50 and 100. See Figure 18-9.
Figure 18-9:
Setting Data
When entry does not pass the rule, a message is shown. See Figure 18-10.
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