Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Gaining the Upper Hand on Formulas
Figure 1-13:
Using the
Cells dialog
box for
Getting help
Excel is complex; you can’t deny that. And lucky for all of us, help is just a key
press away. Yes, literally one key press — just press the F1 key. Try it now.
This starts the Help system. From there you can search on a keyword or
browse through the Help Table of Contents. Later on, when you are working
with Excel functions, you can get help on specific functions directly by
clicking the Help on this function link in the Insert Function dialog box. Chapter 2
covers the Insert Function dialog box in detail.
Gaining the Upper Hand on Formulas
Okay, time to get to the nitty-gritty of what Excel is all about. Sure, you can
just enter data and leave it as is, and even generate some pretty charts from
it. But getting answers from your data, or creating a summary of your data, or
applying what-if tests — all of this takes formulas.
To be specific, a formula in Excel calculates something, or returns some
result based on data in the worksheet. A formula is placed in cells and must
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