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Chapter 20: Some Really Cool Functions
Chapter 20
Some Really Cool Functions
In This Chapter
Converting numbers among base systems
Converting values from one unit of measure to another
Finding a common divisor and common multiple
Generating random numbers with a twist
Converting to Roman numerals
Getting a fast Factorial
Finding out the percentage of a year
The hits just keep on coming! Just when you thought you had all the Excel
functions down pat, here I go rocking the boat. Add this mix of useful
functions to your plate of Excel goodies and you will be that much more of an
Excel master. Be the envy of all the kids on the block!
Work with Hexadecimal, Octal,
Decimal, and Binary Numbers
In certain lines of work, it is desirable or even necessary to work in another
base system. Designing computer systems is a good example. The computer
chips that run our PCs work with a binary system. Circuits are either on or
off. This means that there are just two possible states — and they are often
expressed as 0 and 1.
In base 2, or binary, all numbers are expressed with the digit 0 or 1. The
number 20 as we know it in decimal is 10100 in binary. The number 99 is
1100011. The binary system is based on powers of 2.
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