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Factoring in a Factorial
Factoring in a Factorial
If you like multiplication, then you will love the FACT function. A factorial,
simply put, is the product of multiplying sequential integers. In math notation
6! (notice the exclamation point) is to say 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x6, which equals
720. Try it on your calculator or use an Excel sheet of course.
The FACT function makes the tedious entry go away, which I think you
will like. FACT just takes a number — the number of integers to use for the
grand product.
Determining Part of a Year
If you need to know what percentage of a year a range of dates is, Excel has
the perfect function for you! YEARFRAC returns a percentage of a year. You
feed the function a start and end date, and an optional basis for how to count
dates (such as a 360-day year, a 365-day year, and so on). The number given
back from the function is a percentage — a number less than 1, assuming the
range of dates is less than a full year. An exact one-year range returns 1, and
a range longer than a year returns a number larger than 1.
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