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Gaining the Upper Hand on Formulas
Try another. This time you create a formula that adds together the value of
two cells:
1. Click any cell.
2. Type in any number.
3. Click another cell.
4. Type in another number.
5. Click a third cell.
This cell will contain the formula.
6. Type a =.
7. Click the first cell.
This is an important point in the creation of the formula. The formula
is being written by both your keyboard entry and clicking around with
the mouse. The formula should look about half complete, with an equal
sign immediately followed by the address of the cell you just clicked.
Figure 1-14 shows what this looks like. In the example, the value 15 has
been entered into cell B3 and the value 35 into cell B6. The formula was
started in cell E3. Cell E3 so far has =B3 in it.
Figure 1-14:
a formula
references cells.
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