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Using Functions in Formulas
Arguing with a function
Memorizing the arguments that every function takes would be a daunting task.
I can only think that if you could pull that off you could be on television. But
back to reality, you don’t have to memorize them because Excel helps you
select what function to use, and then tells you which arguments are needed.
Figure 1-21 shows the Insert Function dialog box. This great helper is accessed
by clicking the Insert Function button on the Formulas Ribbon. The dialog box
is where you select a function to use.
Figure 1-21:
Using the
dialog box.
The dialog box contains a listing of all available functions — and there are
a lot of them! So to make matters easier, the dialog box gives you a way to
search for a function by a keyword, or you can filter the list of functions by
If you know which category a function belongs in, you can click the function
category button in the Formulas Ribbon and select the function from the list.
Try it! Here’s an example of how to use the Insert Function dialog box to
multiply a few numbers:
1. Enter three numbers in three different cells.
2. Click an empty cell where you want the result to appear.
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