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Using Functions in Formulas
3. Click the Insert Function button on the Formulas Ribbon.
As an alternative, you can just click the little fx button on the Formula
Bar. The Insert Function dialog box appears.
4. Select either All or Math & Trig.
5. In the list of functions, find and select the PRODUCT function.
6. Click the OK button.
This closes the Insert Function dialog box and displays the Function
Arguments dialog box (see Figure 1-22), where you can enter as many
arguments as needed. Initially it may not look like it can accommodate
enough arguments. You need to enter three in this example, but it looks
like there is only room for two. This is like musical chairs!
Figure 1-22:
ready to
enter some
to the
More argument entry boxes appear as you need them. First, though, how
do you enter the argument? There are two ways.
7. Enter the argument one of two ways:
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