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Using Functions in Formulas
In Figure 1-22 two entry boxes are ready to go. To the left of them are
the names Number1 and Number2. To the right of the boxes are the little
squares. These squares are actually called RefEdit controls. They make
argument entry a snap. All you do is click one, click the cell with the
value, and then press Enter.
The Function Arguments dialog box shrinks to just the size of the
entry box.
9. Click the cell with the first number.
Figure 1-23 shows what the screen looks like at this point.
Figure 1-23:
RefEdit to
10. Press Enter.
The Function Arguments dialog box reappears with the argument
entered into the box. The argument is not the value in the cell, but
instead is the address of the cell that contains the value — exactly what
you want.
11. Repeat Steps 7–9 to enter the other two cell references.
Figure 1-24 shows what the screen should now look like.
The number of entry boxes and associated RefEdit controls grow to
match the number of needed entry boxes.
12. Click OK or press Enter to complete the function.
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