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Chapter 2: Saving Time with Function Tools
Function dialog box, you don’t have to type functions directly into worksheet
cells. Instead, the dialog box guides you through a (mostly) point-and-click
procedure — a good thing, because if you’re anything like me, you need all
the help you can get.
In the Insert Function dialog box, you can browse functions by category or
scroll the complete alphabetical list. A search feature — where you type a
phrase in the Search for a Function box, click the Go button, and see what
comes up — is helpful. When you highlight a function in the Select a Function
box, a brief description of what the function does appears under the list. You
can also click the Help on this function link at the bottom of the dialog box to
view more detailed information about the function.
Figure 2-1:
Use the
dialog box
to easily
functions in a
You can display the Insert Function dialog box in three ways:
Click the Insert Function button on the Formulas Ribbon.
On the Formula Bar, click the smaller Insert Function button (which
looks like f x ).
Click the small arrow to the right of the AutoSum feature on the
Formulas Ribbon and select More Functions. AutoSum has a list of
commonly used functions that you can insert with a click. If you select
More Functions, the Insert Function dialog box opens. See Figure 2-2.
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