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Finding the Correct Function
Figure 2-2:
offers quick
access to
functions and
the Insert
dialog box.
Finding the Correct Function
The first step to using a function is finding the one you need! Even when you
do know the one you need, you may not remember all the arguments it takes.
You can find a function in the Insert Function dialog box in two ways:
Search: Type one or more keywords or a phrase into the Search for a
function box. Then click the Go button.
Recommended, and the Select a function box displays a list of the
functions that match your search.
Most Recently Used functions, and the most recently used functions
appear in the Select a function dialog box. The Search for a function
displays a message to rephrase the text entered for the search.
Browse: Click the Or select a category down arrow and from the
dropdown list, select All, or select an actual function category. When an
actual category is selected, the Select a function box updates to just the
relevant functions. You can look through the list to find the function you
want. Alternatively, if you know the category, you can select it on the
Formulas Ribbon.
Table 2-1 lists the categories in the Or select a category drop-down list.
Finding the function you need is different from knowing which function you
need. Excel is great at giving you the functions, but you do need to know
what to ask for.
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