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Entering Functions Using the Insert Function Dialog Box
Sometimes function arguments are not values but instead are references to
cells, ranges, named areas, or tables. That this is also handled in the Insert
Function dialog box makes its use so beneficial.
Selecting a function that
takes no arguments
Some functions return a value, period. No arguments are needed for these
ones. This means you don’t have to have some arguments ready to go. What
could be easier? Here’s how to enter a function that does not take any
arguments. The TODAY function is used in this example:
1. Position the cursor in the cell where you want the results to appear.
2. Click the Insert Function button on the Ribbon to open the Insert
3. Select All in the Or select a category drop-down list.
4. Scroll through the Select a Function list until you see the TODAY
function and click it once.
Figure 2-3 shows what my screen looks like.
5. Click the OK button.
Figure 2-3:
Selecting a
The Insert Function dialog box closes and the Function Arguments
dialog box opens. The dialog box tells you that function does not take
any arguments. Figure 2-4 shows how the screen now looks.
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