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Entering Functions Using the Insert Function Dialog Box
5. Click the OK button.
The Insert Function dialog box closes, and the Function Arguments
dialog box opens. Figure 2-7 shows what the screen looks like. The
dialog box tells you that this function can take up to 255 arguments, yet
there appears to be room for only 2. As you enter arguments, the dialog
box provides a scroll bar to manage multiple arguments.
Figure 2-7:
to input
You are entering actual arguments. As you enter numbers in the dialog
box, a scroll bar appears, letting you add arguments. Enter as many as
you like, up to 255. Figure 2-8 shows how I entered eight arguments. Also
look at the bottom left of the dialog box. As you enter functions, the
Formula result is instantly calculated. Wouldn’t it be nice to be
that smart?
8. Click OK to complete the function entry.
Figure 2-9 shows the worksheet’s result.
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