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Entering Functions Using the Insert Function Dialog Box
This example demonstrates using both single cell and range references as
well as a named area and table as arguments. For this example, we use the
SUM function. Here is how to use the Insert Function dialog box to enter the
function and its arguments:
1. Enter some numbers in a worksheet in contiguous cells.
2. Select the cells, and then click the Table button on the Insert Ribbon.
The Create Table dialog box opens.
3. Click the OK button to complete making the table.
The Ribbon should display table style and other options. (If not, look
along the Excel title bar for Table Tools, and click it.) On the left of the
Ribbon is the name that Excel gave the table. You can change the name
of the table, as well as the appearance. Jot down the name of the table.
You need to re-enter the table name further in these steps.
4. Somewhere else on the worksheet, enter numbers in contiguous cells.
5. Select the cells, and then click the Define Name button on the
Formulas Ribbon.
The New Name dialog box opens.
6. Enter a name for the area.
I used the name MyArea. See Figure 2-10 to see how the worksheet is
shaping up.
7. Enter some more numbers in contiguous cells either across a row or
down a column.
Figure 2-10:
Adding a
table and
a named
area to a
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