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Entering Functions Using the Insert Function Dialog Box
found in various parts of the worksheet. Just imagine how much summing
you can do. You can have up to 255 inputs and, if needed, each one can be a
range of cells.
You can use the Insert Function dialog box at any time while entering a
formula. This is helpful when the formula uses some values and references in
addition to a function. Just open the Insert Function dialog box when the
formula entry is at the point where the function goes.
Getting help in the Insert
Function dialog box
The number of functions and their exhaustive capabilities gives you the
power to do great things in Excel. However, from time to time, you may
need guidance on how to get functions to work. Lucky for you, help is just a
click away.
Both the Insert Function and Function Arguments dialog boxes have a link
to the Help system. At any time, you can click the Help on this function link
in the lower-left corner of the dialog box and get help on the function you’re
using. The Help system has many examples; often reviewing how a function
works leads you to other, similar functions that may be better suited to
your situation.
Using the Function Arguments
dialog box to edit functions
Excel makes entering functions with the Insert Function dialog box easy.
But what about when you need to change a function that has already been
entered into a cell? What about adding arguments or taking some away?
There is an easy way to do this!
2. Click the Insert Function button.
The Function Argument dialog box appears. This dialog box is already
set to work with your function. In fact, the arguments that have already
been entered into the function are displayed in the dialog box as well!
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