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Directly Entering Formulas and Functions
When your entry is finished, press the Enter key or click the little check-mark
button to the left of the Formula Box.
Figure 2-13 makes this clear. A formula is being entered into the Formula Box,
and the Name Box follows along with the function(s) being entered. Note,
though, that the active cell is not in the viewable area of the worksheet. It
must be below and/or to the right of the viewable area because the top-left
portion of the worksheet is shown in Figure 2-13.
Figure 2-13:
Entering a
formula in
the Formula
Box has
In between the Name Box and the Formula Box are three small buttons. From
left to right, they do the following:
Cancel the entry
Complete the entry
Display the Insert Function dialog box
The Cancel and Complete Function buttons appear enabled only when you
enter a formula, a function, or just plain old values in the Formula Bar, or
directly in a cell.
Entering formulas and functions
directly in worksheet cells
Perhaps the easiest entry method is typing the formula directly in a cell. Just
type formulas that contain no functions and press the Enter key to complete
the entry. Try this simple example:
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