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Directly Entering Formulas and Functions
1. Click a cell where the formula is to be entered.
2. Enter this simple math-based formula: =6 + (9/5) *100 .
3. Press the Enter key.
The answer is 186. (Don’t forget the order of operators; see Chapter 4
for more information about the order of mathematical operators.)
Excel makes entering functions into your formulas as easy as a click. As you
type the first letter of a function into a cell, immediately a list of functions
starting with that letter is listed. See Figure 2-14.
Figure 2-14:
has never
been this
The desired function in this example is MIN, which returns the minimum
value from a group of values. As soon as you type M (first enter the equal
sign if this is the start of a formula entry), the list in Figure 2-14 appears,
showing all the M functions. Now that an option exists, either keep typing
the full function name or scroll to MIN and press the Tab button. Figure 2-15
shows just what happens when you do the latter: MIN is completed and
provides the required syntax structure — not much thinking involved! Now
your brain can concentrate on more interesting things, such as poker odds.
(Will Microsoft ever create a function category for calculating poker odds?
Please?) In Figure 2-15 the MIN function is used to find the minimum value
in the range A7:A15. Entering the closing parenthesis and then pressing the
Enter key completes the function. In this example the answer is 1222.
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