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Using Arrays in Formulas
Figure 3-4:
the value of
a stock
portfolio using
an array
The syntax is important. Two ranges are entered into the function: One
contains the cells that hold the number of shares, and the other contains the
cells that have the stock prices. These are multiplied in the function by
entering the multiplication operator (*):
Ctrl + Shift + Enter had been pressed to turn the whole thing into an array
function. That special keystroke combination is done when finishing the
formula and not before. Note the lack of subtotals (per stock) in cells D4:D8.
Compare Figure 3-4 with Figure 3-3 and you can see the difference.
Use Ctrl + Shift + Enter to turn a formula into an array formula. You must use
the key combination after entering the formula instead of pressing the Enter
key. The key combination takes the place of the press of the Enter key.
Here’s how you use an array with the SUM function:
1. Enter two columns of values.
The two lists must be the same size.
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