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Working with Functions That Return Arrays
In detail, here is how you can use the TRANSPOSE function:
1. Enter some data that occupies at least two adjacent cells.
Creating an area of data that spans multiple rows and columns is best
for seeing how useful the function is.
2. Elsewhere on the worksheet, select an area that covers the same
number of cells but has the length of the sides of the original area
For example:
that is six columns and two rows.
that is two columns and one row.
area that is 201 columns and 200 rows.
area that is five columns and five rows. (A square area is
transposed into a square area.)
Figure 3-7 shows an area of data and a selected area ready to receive the
transposed data. The original data area occupies 11 columns and 3 rows.
The selected area is 3 columns by 11 rows.
Figure 3-7:
an area
to receive
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