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Chapter 4: Fixing Formula Boo-Boos
An error is represented by a triangle in the upper-left corner of a cell. This is
different from a smart tag, which is seen as a triangle in the lower-right corner
of a cell. Smart tags lead to helpful options based on the contents of the cell.
See the Excel Help system for more information on Smart Tags.
The first item in the list is just a statement of the problem. In this example,
the statement is “Formula Omits Adjacent Cells.” Sure enough, it does just
that! But is it an error? Did you mean to enter the extra value in cell B3?
Perhaps it has some other meaning or use.
The other items in the list give you options for what to do:
Update Formula to Include Cells: Automatically changes the formula to
include the extra cell in this example. So the formula in cell B10 changes
from =SUM(B4:B9) to =SUM(B3:B9). And, of course, the calculated
sum will change as well.
Help on This Error: Steers you to Excel’s Help system.
Ignore Error: Closes the list and returns you to the worksheet. The
triangle is removed from the cell in question. You’ve told Excel that you
know what you’re doing and you want Excel to butt out. Good job!
Edit in Formula Bar: The cursor is placed in the Formula Bar so you can
easily edit the formula.
Error Checking Options: Displays the Formulas tab Excel Options (shown
in Figure 4-12). In this tab, you set options on how Excel handles errors.
Figure 4-12:
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