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Office OneNote 2003
W. Frederick Zimmerman
How many times have you scribbled a note on a napkin or doodled a chart on
an envelope, misplaced it, and then wished you had it later? Have you ever had
a conversation with a client and then wandered out to your car, desperately
trying to retain the details of what was just said? Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 is
an exciting new product that enables you to capture the best of your
in-themoment ideas and turn them into valid, usable information in real time.
OneNote complements the core applications by giving you a way to capture,
store, organize, and use research and support data in flexible new ways.
If you have your Tablet PC in a meeting, for example, you can use
OneNote to sketch out the new organizational chart people might be having
trouble grasping. You can project the chart onto a screen and use OneNote as
a digital whiteboard for brainstorming sessions. If you’re in a coffee shop, you
can jot down a few reminder notes and then add them instantly to your Task list
in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. If you’re in the car, you can use the audio
feature to record and store a quick note or two; and with a single click, you can
link the audio to your typed or handwritten notes about a client meeting so that
you can be sure you’ve got all the information stored together in one place,
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