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where you can easily access it later. Wherever you are and however you work,
if you have good ideas and a Tablet PC (or OneNote installed on your notebook
computer or desktop system), you can put those ideas to work as real information
right away.
If you do most of your note taking by typing on laptop or desktop
systems, you can keep OneNote open on top of other applications, so you can
capture, save, format, print, search, e-mail, and share your notes easily without
getting sidetracked from your current task. (See Figure 4-1.) The power of the
program is its flexibility—it works the way you do, encapsulating your thoughts
in the way you’re most comfortable recording and applying them.
Figure 4-1
A 50,000-foot view of OneNote.
This chapter introduces you to OneNote and gives you a first look at the
program’s many features. You’ll see why OneNote is considered a revolutionary
new tool that will change the way we capture and work with information,
enhancing the productivity of both individuals and enterprises.
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