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Microsoft Office Product Manager Roan Kang is excited about the new
possibilities OneNote offers: “In general, we see OneNote as the ‘staging
area’ for capturing and organizing your thoughts and ideas prior to the
creation of more formal documents. So it’s not too hard to see every
information worker in the future using OneNote to collect facts and
research before creating their presentations and memos. Also, OneNote is
a great way to make meetings and brainstorming sessions more
productive. We can see someone easily taking notes during the course of
a meeting, and organizing those notes to highlight crucial action items,
and then sharing those notes with people who were both attending and
those who were unable to make the meeting. More specifically, since
OneNote is designed to work the way you want, we believe that different
companies and organizations will be able to adapt OneNote to their
specific needs in ways that we can’t even imagine right now.”
Why Is Improved Note-Taking Important?
Just visualize the notes for your last term paper or think about the last time
someone handed you a list of phone messages. Research shows that most
people have difficulty doing more than one thing at a time, even tasks as familiar
as talking on a cell phone while driving. Note-taking—a process for
understanding, summarizing, and organizing unfamiliar, complex, or
difficult-toremember material—can place considerable cognitive load on the brain when
you’re also trying to accomplish another task. Case in point: most people know
how difficult it is to participate actively in a meeting and take notes at the same
According to a Microsoft survey, nearly 40 percent of employed U.S.
adults reported that they wanted a more efficient way to take notes. According
to Rob Newing in Management Week , a survey carried out by Microsoft
Research found that 91 percent of us regularly take down handwritten notes,
but only 26 percent of us transfer them to digital format, and 23 percent often
can’t find our notes in the first place. 1 It follows that there’s room to make
notetaking work better. Microsoft has developed software routines that electronically
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