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ease much of the drudgery of note-taking and automate tasks that were
impossible to do manually.
Why Is Improved Note-Taking Essential to Enterprises?
Because information is important to organizations, and using information
effectively enhances productivity, OneNote can provide an excellent,
easy-tolearn-and-use tool for capturing and sharing notes across a variety of media.
Specifically, organizations can benefit in a number of ways by providing a
flexible note-taking tool:
Individuals will be more productive—and perhaps more accurate—
in their work. Transfer this benefit incrementally across hundreds or
thousands of information workers, and the result is a substantial gain
in productivity.
Teams will be more productive when their members are connected
Communication among team members will be increased through
shared notes.
Relationships with clients will be enhanced given better follow-through
on interviews and requests.
Research and fact-gathering for team projects will be improved.
Flexible note-taking will enable individuals to gather information in
the way they are most comfortable, which translates to better
Less duplication of effort will occur (taking notes by hand in a meeting
and then typing them in a document afterward).
Easy sharing of notes enables individuals to share and report on
meetings, projects, and more, keeping others in the loop in real time.
What specific factors should an enterprise consider as it examines the
return on investment of deploying OneNote? The cost and risk factors both
appear relatively low. OneNote is a modest-size application, and its installation
is pain-free. Because OneNote is closely related to Microsoft Office 2003, it
gains the cost benefits of riding on the mature and strong security and
ease-ofuse features being added to Office.
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