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What benefits make OneNote a “must do now” installation for an enterprise?
OneNote can be particularly beneficial in certain organizations and for specific
Project management , whether on a small scale or large, is essential
to almost every enterprise. Project management is about organizing
work and accurately communicating its status. Microsoft Office
Project 2003 is the standard for project-management, and it addresses
most of the formal information needs of project managers. But
project management also has an informal side, which is about quick
meetings, brainstorming, problem-solving, and communication.
As you’ll learn later in the chapter, OneNote offers synchronized
audio and digital whiteboarding, plus the advantage of mobility on a
laptop or Tablet PC, so it can dramatically improve the efficiency
with which project managers and project management teams carry
out the informal side of their jobs.
Education and training touches the IT staff in many enterprises.
We all know from sitting through day-long passive presentations that
they can be an inefficient use of everyone’s time. The notes scribbled
on training printouts are rarely useful and have no life expectancy.
Getting trained at a computer can rapidly morph into checking
e-mail (if the training computer is connected to the Internet) or
playing solitaire (if it isn’t). OneNote, with its friendly, intuitive options
for data entry, offers a way to make note-taking a much more
dynamic, constructive, and common part of at-work training.
Information technology and tech-support functions are
significant in most modern enterprises. OneNote helps IT and tech-support
staffs plan their projects and processes more efficiently so that less
time and money are spent in implementation. Steve McConnell’s
classic survey, Rapid Development (Microsoft Press, 1996), cites
numerous peer-reviewed studies to confirm the adage that a day
spent in design is worth a dozen spent in coding. Similarly, an error
detected in testing is much more expensive to fix than those detected
at earlier stages. OneNote will make careful preparation and design
an enjoyable experience for your team.
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