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Sales is the sine qua non of every enterprise, even non-profits. For
any enterprise to survive, it must have people who go out and talk to
customers and bring back a clear definition of customer needs.
Capturing fast-moving informal conversations is exactly where
OneNote shines. How much is it worth to get a customer’s requests
right, or avoid a blunder? How much is one major sale worth to your
enterprise compared to the relatively modest cost of deploying
OneNote on the front lines? Sales reps need a reliable mechanism for
capturing and managing many tiny bits of information that are not
necessarily suitable for inclusion in an enterprise’s existing sales
information system. OneNote lets a sales rep synchronize written
notes with an audio recording of a conversation.
Publishing and communications organizations within enterprises
might find OneNote a remarkably useful electronic publishing tool
because it provides a completely intuitive page layout—mixing text,
digital ink, graphics, and Web pages. OneNote gives informal
e-publishers great control over the location of items on the page, but
without requiring the specialized knowledge of page layout.
OneNote is also very well suited for applications where the publisher
wants to encourage active note-taking and reader response.
Why Improved Note-Taking Is Essential to Individuals
The quote from Stefan Smalla at the beginning of Chapter 1 articulates the
“positive complexity” of the world we now live in. Simply put, we have a lot of
information to track. The volume of data is empowering and, at times,
overwhelming. Most information workers would gladly pay a modest sum to save a
couple of hours a week by not having to retype notes, look for lost pieces of
information, or make up for someone else’s omission to carry out a crucial
action item.
Beyond daily personal productivity, today’s individual information workers
pride themselves on personal development . The sobering truth is that in a
rapidly globalizing world economy, you must be not only good at your job, but
also the best fit for your job out of thousands of possible candidates, and there
has to be no better way for your employer to achieve its goals than to continue
to pay you. That means lifetime education is an ongoing personal responsibility
for each of us…and note-taking is essential to learning. If there’s an edge to be
had in any aspect of continuing education, you need it—and that’s what
OneNote gives you.
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