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How Does OneNote Fit with the Microsoft Office 2003 System?
OneNote is different from the current Office 2003 applications
(Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003,
Microsoft Office Excel 2003) in that instead of being used
primarily to create “work product,” it is totally focused on helping
the user gather and manage information during informal and
preliminary activities such as meetings, research, and
OneNote is different from current Windows utilities such as
Notepad in that it supports multimedia note-taking and has a
much broader set of features.
Most importantly, OneNote and Office 2003 share some of the
same goals:
Overcoming information fatigue. OneNote helps
you capture information in multiple formats and media
and then organize it in a way that makes sense to you.
This makes it easier for you to act on relevant information
at the moment you acquire it.
Improving collaboration. OneNote aids such “blocking
and tackling” aspects of collaboration as capturing
meeting notes and generating follow-up actions.
Encouraging appropriate use of productivity
applications. OneNote frees users from the difficulty of
taking fast, simple, clear notes in applications that were
designed to create complex final work products. OneNote
is built from the ground up to support the note-taking
task, and it serves as a “staging area” for organizing your
notes and ideas before creating more formal documents.
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