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Getting Started with Your Notebook
Just as buying three-tab, spiral-bound, college-ruled notebooks is a familiar ritual
marking the beginning of every school year, setting up a new computer program
requires certain set tasks for many information workers. Installing and setting up
OneNote is easy—no trips to the office supply store! During installation, you’ll
be prompted for your name and organizational affiliation. (See the section
“Installation” later in this chapter for more information on installing OneNote.)
Your OneNote “notebook” comes with a few sections already labeled,
such as Quick Notes, and you can easily label and add sections yourself as you
proceed. Each section corresponds to a .one file. (See Figure 4-4.)
Figure 4-4
Notebook sections
The following topics describe the most useful features of OneNote and
take you on a tour of the OneNote window.
Take Advantage of the Title Area
When we take notes on paper, we often scribble madly for a few minutes and
then “catch up” during a momentary lull by adding procedural information such
as the date, time, location, and subject of the note. Whether you write or type,
OneNote gives you the flexibility to dive right into heavy-duty note-taking, or to
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