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OneNote, on the other hand, behaves just like a piece of paper. You can
put the cursor anywhere on the page to insert typed text, ink, or graphics.
In Figure 4-6, text was placed in the bottom right without the need for such
time-consuming tricks as creating hidden table cells or adjusting paragraph left
margins. OneNote even offers note handles that let you drag chunks of notes
anywhere you want them.
Figure 4-6 You can move the cursor anywhere on the page surface and
start typing immediately, just like on paper.
The flexible 2-D page surface with note handles is a huge benefit to you
and your enterprise for several reasons.
OneNote removes a major source of mechanical delay. One of
the principal reasons classic word processing software isn’t
optimized for taking notes is that capturing anything more than
linear text notes entails time-consuming and frustrating formatting.
Even saving a file requires answering questions about what to name
it and where to put it. (Automatic saving is discussed further in the
next section.)
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