Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
OneNote works the way you work. In taking notes, many people
like to use location as a way to organize and relate information.
OneNote makes it easy and quick to put related pieces of information
next to one another.
OneNote provides team members with a digital whiteboard for
quickly capturing ideas. The information on the whiteboard can
subsequently be shared via print, e-mail, file transfer, file shares, or
Microsoft SharePoint Team Services sites.
Save Everything Automatically
There’s no need to save your notes or transcribe the whiteboard at the end of
a meeting, because everything you enter in OneNote is saved automatically.
No decision making about when to use the Save command is required, meaning
you won’t miss something important while you take time to figure out what to
name a file and where to save itNotes are saved by default in the My Notebook
folder, so you’ll always know where to look for them later. The goal of
OneNote is to give you the same sense of security as paper: once you write it
down, it’s there.
Outline Your Notes
When you take notes in outline or bulleted form, OneNote provides the
appropriate formatting. When you use the note handles to drag and drop a list
near another list, the first list will be instantly merged with the second. Remember
that just about every educational curriculum is organized in outline format, and
almost every well-run meeting results in bulleted lists of information shared,
decisions taken, and actions assigned. Because OneNote’s outlining features do
this formatting for you, you and your team will almost certainly be more
Store Your Web Research in OneNote
Information workers use the Web to research both work-related topics
(competitor data, continuing education) and personal topics (hobbies, weather,
airline fares). Information gathered from Web research is often presented using
HTML formatting that makes the page look good, but it’s difficult to transfer the
information into a tool such as a word processor or spreadsheet. OneNote
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