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solves this problem by seamlessly accepting Web pages, complete with graphics,
into the same note area as text and ink. OneNote even brings along the Web
address, and the hyperlinks in the pasted page still work—it’s like a colorful,
interactive scrapbook kept for you by a meticulous record-keeper!
To further clarify the benefits of inserting Web pages and graphics in your
notes, ask yourself whether it’s easier to remember that Tahiti is located at
15º 00S, 140º 00W and that the average temperature in February is 80º F, or is it
easier to remember the image on the left side of the note shown in Figure 4-7?
Figure 4-7
You can capture this image of Tahiti in OneNote.
For many people, it’s much easier to remember a vivid picture. OneNote
gives all of us the gift of visual note-taking!
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