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Figure 4-9 Use the OneNote page tabs to easily find your notes on a
particular subject.
When you hover the pointer over a particular page tab , the page title and
the date on which it was created is displayed. You can also use a button at the
bottom of the page tab area (not visible in Figure 4-9) that widens the page tab
area and shows you the titles of the pages in the page tabs. You can riffle
through the pages of a notebook section by holding down the cursor and
dragging it across all the page tabs. ( Riffling is simply flipping through the page of
your notebook until you find what you want.) You can then navigate straight to
the page you want by clicking on the appropriate page tab. This is helpful
because many people recognize their notes by how they look, not by their
location or title. You can also create page groups in which all pages within the
group contain the same information in the title area. And you can reorder pages
in a group or in a notebook simply by dragging them to the desired location.
Personalize Your Notes Using Stationery
OneNote allows you to pick the stationery to use for your pages. Each section
can use different stationery, and you can create your own—or even download
it from the Microsoft Web site for Office ( ).
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