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Outlook 2003 also includes the note as an attached .one file,
and any recipient who has OneNote installed can easily add that
page to her own notebook simply by double-clicking the
attachment. Imagine being able to share notes with a study group
using a single e-mail!
Put Your Trip Reports on Hyperspeed
If you travel for work, you’re probably all too familiar with the ritual of the
trip report—the detailed summary of a business-related visit, usually
created at considerable effort a few days after getting back from a tiring
trip. Imagine that the moment your last meeting ends, you use offline or
wireless e-mail to send your trip report out as a .one file. Again, Microsoft
has raised the bar…you’ll be working faster, better, smarter.
Send .one notes as attachments using older versions of
Outlook. If you’re using an older version of Outlook or another
mail client, you can send .one files as attachments in just the same
way that you send Word, PowerPoint, or any other data files. It is
also easy to copy and paste to any mail message; the note content is
pasted as HTML.
Publish notes as HTML. You can save your notes as HTML, which
gives you great flexibility—you can e-mail them as attachments, or
put the notes on a file share, a Web server, or a Microsoft Windows
SharePoint Team Services site.
Collaborate with others using a file share or Windows
SharePoint Team Services. You can save a section of your notes
to a file share, or SharePoint Team Services site. A shortcut to that
section then appears in your section tabs, and that section acts just
like part of your notebook. Other users can then open that file from
the shared location, and the same file is added to their notebooks. In
this way, each person can add thoughts and research to this shared
section so that over time it becomes a group notebook, or log. If the
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