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file is shared using SharePoint Team Services when you are working
on it OneNote also shows the shared workspace pane, which
indicates which other members of the shared workspace are online,
what documents are related to this shared notebook, and so on.
Print Your Notes
Printed paper will continue to be an important part of the whole process of
reviewing notes that you’ve taken, and OneNote gives you the same printing
flexibility as other Microsoft applications.
You can print entire notebook sections, particular page groups, or
individual pages. Imagine printing yesterday’s notes every time you
prepare for class.
You can show only certain levels of an outline and then print just
those levels—handy for giving you an instant “table of contents” or
“review guide” for a body of notes. Imagine printing out a list of all
the issues that a project team has encountered and discussed, and
then using the electronic copy on your laptop to closely examine the
ones that are still problematic.
Publish Your Documents Electronically
OneNote is extremely well suited to electronic publishing of particularly visual
or highly instructional visuals. A professor could prepare curricular material—
say, an anatomy course—in OneNote files and then distribute it to students
electronically. Students could then take advantage of the flexible 2-D page
surface to annotate the notes either via standard keyboard input or digital ink.
Since URLs within a OneNote page are active, it would be easy to create links
from the curriculum to Web-based research services.
Finally, OneNote can bridge the gap to other electronic publishing media
by saving a file as HTML. The file can then be opened in Word and saved in a
variety of formats, including Rich Text Format (RTF), or as a .LIT file using
Microsoft Read in Microsoft Reader plug-in.
Take Advantage of Extra Hardware
OneNote also contains features that make great use of extra hardware, such as
a microphone or Tablet PC. While this hardware is not necessary to run
OneNote, it can make your note-taking even easier and more productive.
(See the section “System Requirements” later in this chapter for a complete list
of the requirements for OneNote.)
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