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Use a Microphone to Record Linked Audio If your computer is equipped with a
microphone, you can use OneNote’s record feature to record audio as you take
notes. The audio is linked to and synchronized with your notes so that you can
re-create what was being said in a room while you were taking notes. Imagine
the benefits of OneNote in the following scenarios:
A program manager going back to his notes to find the place in his
audio where someone made a commitment to an action item.
A patient going back to his notes to play back his doctor’s exact
An attorney going straight to the place in a deposition where a
damaging comment was made, and playing it back for the judge.
A financial analyst replaying the teleconference he heard at his desk
to catch the exact figures mentioned.
Note This feature does require that the audio be intelligible in the
first place. If your PC does not have a high-quality built-in microphone,
an external microphone is a good idea. OneNote simply marks the
time and date that each note input was made and associates it with
the audio feed saved at the same time. There is no “error-prone
translation” or conversion from audio to text.
This feature lets you make your interactions more accurate and more
Tablet PC If you have a Tablet PC, you can write and draw with digital ink just
as you do in Tablet PC applications like Windows Journal. You can adjust the
color and thickness of the ink, and you can put it anywhere you want on
the page.
OneNote provides writing guides , shown in Figure 4-10, on the next page,
that help the user write in a straight line and most especially build up structured
notes bullet by bullet. Many of us have some difficulty writing many straight
lines on unruffled paper; writing guides help you keep your notes neat. Writing
along a straight baseline also helps the computer understand your writing if you
choose to apply Tablet PC’s optional handwriting-recognition routines, which
convert ink to plain ASCII text.
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