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Figure 4-10
Writing Guides make it easy to write in a straight line.
Note that Tablet PC’s handwriting recognition is entirely optional, and you
might choose to keep your notes in ink format, just like paper notes that you
simply refer to and don’t bother to retype. Since the search functionality and
other features of OneNote work equally well with text or ink, there’s no need
to convert everything you write to text. It’s not the kind of handwriting
recognition that you have to train. The basic guideline is that you use digital ink just
like you use regular ink. If you use handwriting in your paper notes, you’ll
probably use handwriting in your digital notes.
Note As in Windows Journal, there is a tool for inserting and removing
spaces that you can use to make room for more inked notes or to
close up gaps in a page.
This set of features deployed on the innovative Tablet PC platform works
incredibly well for some applications, like student note-taking.
(See Figure 4-11.)
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