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10 MB more to the size of Office Professional 2003. Please note that
these figures are based on beta trials and may change for the final
released version of OneNote.
A CD-ROM drive from which to install the software.
The following are not required:
Office 2003. Although OneNote will be released around the same
time as Office 2003 and complements it very well, it does not require
the latest version of Office to run, nor does Office 2003 require
OneNote. OneNote does have certain advanced integration features,
such as the ability to e-mail notes with one click, that do require
Office 2003.
Tablet PC. Although OneNote works very well on a Tablet PC, you
do not need a Tablet PC to run OneNote. Tablet PC does allow you to
use digital ink in notes, which is a very important benefit, so if you
can acquire a Tablet PC to run OneNote, by all means do so!
Tip More information on OneNote is available at
When you acquire a new computer, especially if you are an enterprise user,
Office and OneNote might already be installed. Installing OneNote on a computer
that you already have is a straightforward experience similar to installing any
other modest-size Microsoft application. If you install OneNote in an enterprise,
you can use all the same powerful Windows and Office tools that you use today
to install software over your internal LAN. Bottom line: this is an easy install!
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