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Will future releases of OneNote offer possibilities for developers? Here’s
what Microsoft Office Product Manager Roan Kang had to say:
“In OneNote Version 1.0, we were focused on making the product a great
note-taking and management program, and as a result, it does not have
any APIs. We are very eager to hear from the developer community to see
what types of integration and solutions scenarios they are interested in
developing with OneNote, and will definitely take that feedback into
account for future versions. (In the meantime, of course, developers have
a great note-taking and note-management program for their own notes
and ideas.)”
The Future of OneNote
While Office 2003 is a powerful extension of one of the most feature-rich and
mature applications of all time, OneNote is the introduction of a totally new
type of application. This means that although OneNote will continue to be
closely linked to future versions of Office, it will also have a trajectory of its
own consistent with the typical growth of a 1.0 product. There are no firm plans
defining future releases, but it seems reasonable to hope that Microsoft will
round out the feature set with ease-of-use tweaks responding to user reaction to
version 1; features for the developer community such as APIs and XML data
structures; and integration extended to other applications such as Microsoft
Project. Because OneNote runs especially well on the Tablet PC platform, it’s
also a good guess that as time goes by OneNote will add new Tablet-oriented
features. Finally, it is reasonable to expect that we will see new features for user
communities in which OneNote is especially well received.
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