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XML Support in Office 2003
Although the XML support features that are new throughout Office add exciting
new custom development possibilities for developers and IT professionals, the
actual day-to-day work with XML has been designed with the everyday
information worker in mind. Users in Word, Excel, and Access don’t have to be
familiar with XML to use the XML features; in fact, they don’t have to know
anything about XML at all. With a few simple procedures, users can attach XML
schema, add XML tags in documents, or create an Excel grid and fill it with
XML data simply and easily.
Word 2003 XML Features
Key XML features in Word 2003 focus on allowing users to view, work with,
and save XML files easily. Users can create and attach their own custom
schemas that can work alongside Word XML or be used alone. XSL transforms
save the document in different forms for different views and are available
whenever a Word file is opened or saved. Automatic validation makes sure the
tags users enter are correct according to the attached schema, and the ability to
query a database and import XML data to a Word document ensures that
information is as current as possible in reports, proposals, and more. All these
possibilities and others make working with XML in Word a simple but powerful
feature for changing the way data is prepared, used, shared, and saved for the
From the Experts
Michael J. Young, author of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
Inside Out and XML Step by Step (Microsoft Press) sees the capability of
using custom XML schemas and working within the familiar interface to be
Word’s two strongest XML points. Now for the first time, for example, you
can save your book data in an inventory database by using the familiar
Word interface. It simply involves writing a new XML schema or attaching
an existing one to a Word document and then using Word as a
generalpurpose document with XML. This means end users can work seamlessly
in Word to capture valuable information as part of their familiar tasks.
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