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The XML Task Pane
XML now has its own task pane in Word, first giving you the means to attach an
XML schema (you actually do this by using the Templates and Add-Ins dialog
box, available through the Tools menu); then showing the tree structure of your
XML document so that you can navigate easily through the document. By using
the features in this task pane, you can easily add XML tags into your document
while you work. (See Figure 5-1.) Word checks tags against the applied schema
to make sure that the code is well formed.
Figure 5-1 The task pane displays the tree structure of the current XML
document and enables you to click and add tags while you work.
Working in Tag View
One of the major enhancements in Word is the addition of XML tag view. When
you open an XML document and begin to work, any tags you add (or tags that
are already present) appear as a kind of graphical bracket around the word,
phrase, paragraph, or entire document. Figure 5-2 shows a document in tag
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