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XML Open and Save Features
When you open an XML file in Word and choose XML files from the Files Of
Type list in the Open dialog box, you also have the option of applying an XSL
transform as you open the file. Display the context menu by clicking the small
arrow to the right of the Open button to find the Open With Transform option.
Note An XSL transform allows you to display an XML document in
different views; for example, perhaps you are opening a report file that
you want to display on the Web. Applying a transform allows you to
see the file in a Web-based format without making modifications to the
file itself.
When you choose XML Document in the Save As type field of the Save As
dialog box (see Figure 5-4), two XML-specific options appear to the left of the
Save button. You can click the Apply Transform check box to enable the
Transform button; then click that button to choose the transform you want to
Figure 5-4
Word makes it easy to save the XML file in different formats.
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