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Note Users can manually attach an XML Schema Definition (XSD)
file or apply an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation
(XSLT) to an existing XML file, but Word adds another convenience to
simplify this process. Word remembers associated files and gives the
user the option of attaching the appropriate XSD or XSLT when a file
that matches a recognized category is opened.
Excel 2003 XML Features
Excel’s XML features have been significantly expanded over the capabilities in
Excel 2002. In that version, XML was first introduced through the application of
the XML Spreadsheet Schema (XMLSS); but now users can apply their own
schemas and use Excel to import, work with, and export XML data. In addition
to this big enhancement, XML features in Excel provide the following:
Opening, working with, and saving XML files without the need for
Separation of data from display
Creating queries to retrieve information stored in a database;
allowing for up-to-the-minute data analysis and reporting
Faster, easier XML support
A visual mapping tool that enables developers to create structures
without writing any code
A Lists feature that assists users in creating and modifying data lists
Easy import and export of XML data
Built-in support for easy data exchange with SharePoint Team
The sections that follow take a closer look at the key XML features
available in Excel 2003.
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