Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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More Info The Lists feature gives you additional, easy-to-use tools
for organizing, viewing, analyzing, and sharing data in your Excel
worksheets. For more on Excel’s List feature, see Chapter 8,
“Microsoft Office 2003 Productivity Enhancements.”
Exporting XML data in Excel is as simple as selecting the data you want to
export, clicking the Export button in the XML toolbar, and choosing a folder
and filename for the file. The file is exported in straight XML format, ready to be
incorporated in other XML applications.
Mapping XML Data
The new visual mapping tool in Excel allows you to add XML elements to your
workbooks by dragging and dropping them onto the current worksheet.
Figure 5-8, shows the map that is created from a sample XML schema. The XML
structure is shown in a tree-like form. You can use parts of the structure by
dragging branches or individual items (or the entire list) to your worksheet.
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